The lease on my current apartment was almost up and I had decided I didn’t want to renew it. I didn’t like the location I was living in and the apartment had a good bit of problems that the landlord was super slow to fix. I started looking around for a new apartment.

I asked a few of my friends if they had seen any apartments for rent and told them to keep me in mind if they saw any. They said they would definitely do that for me and told me how they found their apartments. One of them suggested looking at Craigslist so I went online and searched for Falls Church, VA Craigslist. I looked over the apartments for rent there and sent a few messages about ones I thought I may be interested in seeing.

While I was waiting to hear back from the landlords for those apartments, I decided to keep looking around. I searched for apartments for rent on Google and found a few websites that had even more rentals available. I looked through the listings to see if any of them caught my eye. There were a few I found that I sent messages about there too.

I kept searching to see what else I could find by going to Facebook. I went to the Marketplace there and searched around. I decided it may be easier to make a post on Facebook and ask my friends if they knew of any rentals. I put exactly what I was looking for and what price range I was looking for too. I got a few responses telling me about available rentals and some of my friends told me they would tag me in posts if they came across any. I contacted the people that had apartments listed for rent.

I was able to set up appointments with several of the people I messaged. After looking at the apartments in person, I decided which one I wanted to rent. The landlord was really nice and the apartment was too. I could tell I was going to like this apartment better than the one I was living in. I couldn’t wait to get moved in to it.

I was able to start moving my things the following week. By the time my lease was up on the other apartment, I was moved into my new one. I love living here and I am so glad I moved.